Tahoe Boat Brand
Tahoe Q7i Runabout Boat


Set your sights on the horizon, and get ready to play the day away onboard the TAHOE Q7i.

550 TS Outboard Runabout Boat

550 TS

Take a quick cruise with your closest friends. Choose the optional ski pylon or wakeboard tower, and fine-tune your watersports skills.

Tahoe 500 TS Runabout Boat

500 TS

At 19′ 10″ long, the 500 TS is a midsize family sport boat with huge capabilities.

Tahoe 450 TS Outboard Runabout Boat

450 TS

The NEW for 2016 TAHOE® 450 TS family sport boat is guaranteed to make a splash with your family and friends.

Tahoe 400 TS Runabout Boat

400 TS

The NEW 2016 TAHOE 400 TS is nimble. She’s quick. And she’s always eager to spirit your family away on fun-loving adventures you’ll remember for years to come.

Tahoe Q7I Fish & Ski Boat


Deploy the trolling motor and meet the sunrise with a fun-filled fishing contest.

Tahoe 550 TF Outboard Fish & Ski Boat

550 TF

The TAHOE 550 TF proves you, family and friends truly can have, and do, it all.

Tahoe 500 TF Fish & Ski Bot

500 TF

Cast out your concerns, and reel in a whopper bass. Crank up the throttle and leave your worries in your wake.

Tahoe 450 TF Outboard Fish & Ski Boat

450 TF

The TAHOE 450 TF wears many hats. For one, she’s a fishing boat, complete with features like a trolling motor, removable casting chairs and an aerated livewell.

Tahoe 400 TF Fish & Ski Boat

400 TF

Teach your kids the proper way to tie on a lure and light a passion in them for fishing.

Tahoe 215 XI Deck Boat

215 XI

More features. More horsepower. More room. More versatility. The TAHOE 215 XI gives you more of everything so you can do more of everything!

Tahoe 2150 Outboard Deck Boat

2150 Outboard

New for 2016, the TAHOE 2150 combines renowned Mercury® outboard power with our exclusive POWERGLIDE® hull design and a lengthy list of features to provide all the frills you need for unlimited thrills.

Tahoe 1950 Deck Boat


The TAHOE® 1950 provides a whole new way for families to play away a day on the water.

Tahoe 195 Deck Boat


The TAHOE 195 is 19′ 11″ long, 8′ 6″ wide and decked out to perfectly align with your idea of the perfect day on the water.

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